Louise Capel

I have been excited about kayaking from the first time I sat in a friend's playboat on Meldon Reservoir. An intro session with Liam on the canal, and a 1* course with Exeter Canoe Club later and I was completely hooked.
Last year, sitting at my desk in my corporate 9-5 job, I decided that 2014 was to be "The Year of Adventure". So, I quit my job in the spring to do some exploring. After a summer in Italy and Norway, I think a year of adventure might not be quite long enough...

Years Paddling:


Favourite type of paddling:


Favourite Product:

My kayak is my favourite product and probably my favourite possession! We've been through a lot together. That feeling of getting in the boat when you've made the decision to go is hard to beat.

Least Favourite Product:

My drysuit. It leaks. I'll get a new one soon though!

Favourite river/spot in the UK:

Dartmoor, of course! It's where I learnt to paddle.

Favourite river/spot abroad:

It's a tie. The Soča, for beautiful, chilled out paddling with good food and warm weather and Northern Norway for adventure.

Favourite River Snack:

Any kind of nut bar.

Future trip plans:

Hopefully another European kayaking summer for next year.

Paddling Hero:

Of course Liam :) but closely following on behind...

It's been great this summer to have met lots of inspirational girls on the river; Toni George, an amazing Kiwi paddler who is also super friendly and encouraging, Mariann Saether, a proper adventurer, Amy Elworthy, a great paddler, always happy to share advice and experience, and I could continue, which is pretty exciting in itself!

Current Equipment

Zet Veloc, Jackson Star


Werner Sherpa


Sweet Rocker


Palm AMP


Palm Element


Palm Aqua


Anything merino, Palm Trisuli Womens Thermal Suit


5:10 water tennies

Spraydeck :

Nookie Absolute