Zak Bennett

Hey my name is Zak, I am 17 years old (well depends when you read this I guess). I have been paddling a while now and have had some amazing experiences and adventures. I mainly focus on White water and freestyle kayaking.

I have been doing some events with Young guns freestyle and have been lucky enough to complete in a GB Freestyle event. Also, I have been kayaking in Norway and India with Deb Pinniger who runs watermark experiences.

Years Paddling:


Favourite type of paddling:

White water and Freestyle kayaking

Favourite Current Product:

My favourite product I currently own would have to be.......... hard decision I would have to say it would be between my select Legend paddle which can be adjusted to any feather and can extend and all the other cool stuff. My GoPro has been everywhere with me on my paddling journey and it would feel wrong not to mention it.

Favourite Product Owned:

My favourite all time product would have to been my play boat the ALL STAR 2012 adore that thing and it will never be beat in my opinion and it is way better then the newer versions. Come on they're like rise crispy squares!

Favourite river/spot in the UK:

THE LOOP!!!!! NO THE UPPER!!! Really I don't have a favourite spot yet as I have not paddled every where yet. 😉

Favourite river/spot abroad:

THE ZANSKAR RIVER IS THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!! The water is the best I have ever paddled!!!! OMG it was far to cool want to go back there.

Favourite River Snack:


Future trip plans:

In the future I would like to do a tour of the UK start in Devon and head up north through Wales and stop off at all the rivers and end up in Scotland, paddle there then come back down going down to London way and paddling everywhere on the way back.

Paddling Hero:

My hero is the person who I see when I walk past the Mirror. (it's me if you could not tell)

But my all time fave kayakers would have to be:

1. Myself (future worlds best kayaker ever)
2. James Bebbington
3. Deb Pinniger
4. Steve Fisher/Nico Chassing
5. Liam from AS

Current Equipment

I paddle a few different boats I can't really say which I like the best they are all my best boats. I paddle a Jackson All Star 2012 edition as the new 2014 editions are way too square for me.

I also paddle a Jackson Hero Rasta coloured and nicked named the spud as it looks like a potato in my opinion. This was the boat I decided to take to norway.

As well my newest edition to the collection I also paddle a Dagger MX which I bought just for my india trip and decided to keep it as i fell to love the boat just as much as my Jacksons.


I use two paddles a Werner Player and a Select Legend. I use both for Freestyle and white water kayaking.


I have two helmets, a Sweet Rocker and a Shred Ready Standard


I have a red Yak Descent.


I have a Typhoon Multisport


I have a Palm semi-dry cag and a yak short-sleeved cag.


Don't really wear trousers, I usually wear shorts


I wear Reed thermals or like a PJ bottoms type thing!


I wear some neoprene shoes.

Spraydeck :

I have a Playboater spray deck. I'm a freestyle kayaker what else would I use??