Liam Kirkham

AS "On the Water" Instructor

Liam heads up the tuition and trips at AS, so if he is not in the shop he is on the water. Liam is a qualified Canoe and Kayak coach, and will be providing trips, courses and coaching.

Years Paddling:


Favourite type of paddling:

White Water

Favourite Current Product:

Watershed Occoee bag. All my river gear nice and tidy in one bag and I know it's going to keep it dry

Favourite Product Ever Owned:

HF weasel - super easy to throw throwline

Favourite river/spot in the UK:

The Upper Dart after summer rain

Favourite river/spot abroad:

The grand canyon of the Colorado is a insane place and I'm looking forward to going back

Favourite River Snack:

Peppermi - floats, waterproof and spicy warm

Future trip plans:

Nepal for christmas, maybe Corsica April, Norway July, and South America in the winter.

Paddling Hero:

Anyone from the LVM magazines, Rudy Rampage and Eric Jackson gets better the older he gets.

Current Equipment

Pyranha Burn 3 or a Pyranha 9R.


Werner Stikines


Sweet Rocker - premium protection for your head


Palm Equipment AMP


Kokatat Gore Tex Meridian


Peak UK Shortie & Palm Fuse Cag


Astral Brewers

Spraydeck :

Playboat work deck