The Shop Goldfish (RIP)

Hello, I'm the shop goldfish!

Years Paddling Swimming:

As long as I can remember! (about 30 seconds)

Favourite Current Product:

Those new Goldfish Flakes are pretty good!

Favourite Product Owned:

It has to be my favourite stone, the black one underneath me in the picture.

Worst Product Owned:

That horrid green plastic plant. It's not fooling anybody...

Favourite river/spot in the UK:

I really like it just underneath the filter housing, I like feeling the flow of water over my scales.

Favourite river/spot abroad:

I occasionally take a trip out of the tank. I'm never really sure where I go, but the tank is cleaner when I come back...

Favourite River Snack:

Goldfish Flakes!

Future trip plans:

I would love to visit the canal one day. I often stare out of the window and wonder what it is like in there.

Paddling Hero:

It has to be Nemo. An inspiration to us all.